It’s Time for small software

Small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) have technology challenges they need to solve if they’re going to compete and survive. They need the benefits that software can provide them (operational efficiencies, elastic scalability, assurance, security, availability, etc.) but often lack the expertise, personnel, and financial resources to procure what they need. They also need agility, a short time to value on their investments, and to keep things as simple as possible so they can focus on their purpose and passion — those things that compelled them to start a business in the first place. …

Find Out With 9 Minutes of Work.

Let’s start with what “as-a-Service” means:

  • I don’t have the burden of figuring out what servers I need
  • I don’t have to determine what operating systems or database platforms I need to install
  • I have the redundancy I need to meet my availability requirements
  • I have the infrastructure I need to guarantee my performance
  • I avoid a lot of headaches by not building and maintaining my own technology

The terminology of Software-as-a-Service has been around since the early 2000s. Functionally, it’s been around much longer. The “Software” piece has become unimaginably powerful over the past 15 years. However, “as-a-Service” has…

(Hint: They all start with the letter “c”.)

Technology minimalist organizations constantly seek ways to simplify and reduce their technology footprint. They compromise on technology in favor of focusing on their mission, and it works.

I’ve learned the value of technology minimalism over my 25-year career in IT, software and tech startups. I’m excited to contribute what I’ve learned to new startup Small Software who specializes in this space.

Here are the reasons to become a technology minimalist organization:

  1. Most obvious reason: cost
  2. Most surprising reason: make compliance easier
  3. Most important reason: it’s what customers want
  4. Most beneficial reason: clarity
  5. Most impactful reason: creates the right culture



Mark O

My 25-year career has been entirely in IT, technology startups, and software companies. I'm a mentor, servant leader, and willing to share what I've learned.

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